Investment projects can be risky. Let us help. Fort Saskatchewan is committed to keeping a business-friendly setting by giving your company an edge. We have Federal, Provincial, and local incentives that can support you.

Heartland Incentive Program

The City of Fort Saskatchewan is proud to be a founding member of Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association (AIHA). Alberta’s Industrial Heartland is Canada’s largest hydrocarbon processing center. Our unique region offers world class facilities that can produce global scale quantities, and are responsible for 43% of our national basic chemical manufacturing industry. Alberta’s Industrial Heartland is ideally located in the province of Alberta, offering attractive and extensive opportunities in multiple sectors including energy and petrochemical value chains.

In October 2020, the provincial government officially launched the Alberta Petrochemical Incentive Program (APIP), a grant program intended to attract new or expanded petrochemical facilities.

In December 2020, the City of Fort Saskatchewan approved the Heartland Incentive Program, which is intended to help improve project economics and overall regional competitiveness, bringing investment and jobs to Fort Saskatchewan. To learn more about this program, please contact our Economic Development team.

Heartland Incentive Program Guidelines

  • The Heartland Incentive Program provides an Incentive valued in total of 2.5 percent of Eligible Capital Costs, as outlined in the Heartland Incentive Bylaw C28-20.
  • To be eligible for an Incentive, the Project shall:
    • be physically located within the designated geographic area of the City;
    • be within the Energy Value Chain or Associated Infrastructure;
    • be a New Construction or Expansion Project;
    • deploy an Eligible Capital Cost of more than $50 million (Canadian dollars);
    • employ over 250 personnel during construction or employ more than 15 skilled permanent staff upon completion during operation; and
    • a New Construction or Expansion to the City.

Downtown Development Incentives

The City of Fort Saskatchewan has established two new incentives to encourage multi-unit and mixed-use residential development in the city’s downtown core; a Brownfield Tax Exemption and a Downtown Development Grant. These new incentives were created in response to the Downtown Action Plan (adopted by Council in July 2021), that identified residential development as a key priority to supporting businesses in the area, and included the creation of development incentives among its 23 recommendations.

Two incentives are now available to encourage new multi-unit and mixed-use residential developments in downtown Fort Saskatchewan. If the project property is eligible for the Brownfield Tax Exemption Program, it cannot also be eligible for the Downtown Development Grant. These two incentives cannot be combined.

Brownfield Tax Exemption

Provides a 100% exemption of the municipal portion of property taxes on new multi-unit and mixed-use residential development on specific properties for a period of up to 15 years. The total value of the tax exemptions will depend on the capital costs to build the development and cannot exceed 5% of eligible capital costs. Brownfield sites are defined as properties that are, or could possibly be contaminated;  vacant, derelict or under-utilized; and are suitable for development.

Downtown Development Grant

Provides a cash-based grant equivalent to 3% of the eligible capital costs to create a mixed-use or multi-unit residential development on properties in the downtown that would not qualify for the tax exemptions. The development grants will be subject to certain conditions and are paid out only once the project is complete.

Business Development Incentive Program

The City of Fort Saskatchewan Business Development Program offers five unique incentives that were developed, in partnership with local business, to help accelerate the growth and development of small businesses and assist commercial property owners improve their property. 

Export Development Incentive

The Export Development Incentive is designed to assist Resident Small Businesses gain access to international markets for their products and services.

Small Business Education

The Small Business Education Grant helps resident small business owners develop entrepreneurship skills through educational programs, courses, seminars, conferences, or workshops.

Small Business Equipment and Technology

The Small Business Equipment and Technology Incentive encourages resident small business owners to invest in equipment and technology that will increase efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness for their business. 

Small Business Marketing

The Small Business Marketing Incentive assists resident small businesses improve the quality and effectiveness of their marketing. 

Storefront Improvement

The Storefront Improvement Incentive encourages business owners and commercial property owners to enhance their commercial storefront.

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