City Launches Latest Round of Business Supports

Posted On Friday March 12, 2021

Applications are now being accepted for the Professional Services Grant which will provide up to $1,000 to eligible local businesses to obtain professional financial services to help secure provincial and federal support.

As the provincial and federal government continue to introduce new and expanded support programs, the application and reporting requirements along with the eligibility criteria can be difficult to understand and navigate for many small business owners. This one-year program is designed to help ensure businesses in the City have access to expert advice and guidance to ensure they do not miss out on available funding and support.

In addition to the Professional Services Grant, Council approved modifications to the existing business support programs offered by the City. Under these revisions, matching funds available under these programs has been increased from 50% of eligible expenses to 65% whenever the applicant utilizes a local business to provide them with the goods and/or services required to implement their proposed project. This will encourage applicants to spend locally whenever possible and support the business community in the City.

“We believe these program modifications will encourage applicants to use local businesses when possible and keep more money in our local economy,” added Mark Morrissey, Director, Economic Development. “This will have the added benefit of helping more local businesses than just the applicant and is another way we can demonstrate our commitment to Support Your Fort.”

These initiatives are in addition to those that the City rolled out in 2020 to support the business community. They included a waiver of business license fees, an e-commerce grant to assist businesses shift their operations online, as well as a $75,000 increase to the business support programs for 2020.

“The COVID-19 Pandemic continues to challenge our business community, and the City is constantly trying to come up with creative ways to support our local business. The updates to the local Business Incentive Program were designed to limit red tape while still providing safeguards for the City and its taxpayers,” says Mayor Gale Katchur. “Our businesses have been there for the community over the years, and the community is here for our local businesses now. The Support Your Fort campaign is a great initiative to show all of the ways residents can support their community and support local businesses.”

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