Facts and Figures

Access to accurate information is critical for making the right investment decision. Below you can find all the data you need for doing business in Fort Saskatchewan.

household data

12.% population increase from 2016-2021.  

young people learning
Education and Training

Highly trained workforce and local access to world-class educational institutions.

list of major employers
Major Employers

Closest urban municipality to Canada's largest hydrocarbon processing region.

list of local businesses
Business Directory

A growing roster of over 1500 business operating in our municipality. 

maps of the area

Use our mapping tool to survey key assets in our region , access our GIS and see lands for sale or lease.

stats and facts about real estate
Real Estate Data

We assist new and existing businesses find the right real estate for their next investment project.

breakdown of local tax structure

We have one of the lowest property tax rates in the region and no municipal sales or business taxes. 

approximate cost of utilities in the region

We have ample, accessible and affordable utilities.

labour data

Whether you need technical experience, trade skills, or professional talent, Fort Saskatchewan is well-suited to meet your workforce needs.

list of roads, logistics and transportation
Transportation and Infrastructure

Located on a high-load corridor with the necessary infrastructure to connect your business to labour, suppliers, and markets.

studies and reports
Reports and Studies

We consistently conduct economic research to provide a solid platform so new and existing investors can make informed decisions.