Fort Saskatchewan has ample utility capacity in electricity, natural gas, and water. Your business will enjoy affordable utilities that help reduce costs. If you have questions regarding utilities, refer to the table below for local providers or contact our team directly for help.

Estimated Utility Rates in Fort Saskatchewan
Utility TypeProviderRates
Electricity EPCOR (Retailer) and Fortis Alberta (Distributor) $0.06553/kWh (Generation)$0.003964/kWh (Distribution)
Natural Gas DERS (Retailer) and ATCO (Distributer) $1.322/GJ (Generation)$1.310/GJ (Distribution)
Water City of Fort Saskatchewan $2.61/m3
Sewer & Wastewater Alberta Capital Region Wastewater Commission $2.10/m3
Internet Telus or Shaw $65/month at 15Mbps

Note: Rates estimated based on General Service users and may vary based on overall demand. Additional base fees likely apply.