Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing finds an ideal home in Fort Saskatchewan. Our industry partners use high-tech methods in chemical manufacturing, metallurgy, and additive manufacturing. The Fort provides the following advantages:

Research & Development Assets

Our regional partners at the University of Alberta (UA) and NAIT offer opportunities for collaboration in applied research. UA has a nanoFAB facility that supports industry R&D in nanotechnology. NAIT's Centre for Sensors and System Integration also assists companies with prototyping.

Access to Talent

NAIT, the University of Alberta, and MacEwan University provide the professional and technical talent needed for advanced manufacturing. Over 9.4% of Fort Saskatchewan's workforce is employed in manufacturing, with another 7% employed in Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services.

Supply Chain Opportunities

Located in the Alberta Industrial Heartland, the Fort is next to large feedstock and metallurgy suppliers that can be used as inputs for advanced manufacturers. Our location can help shorten your supply chain.

Low Utility Costs

With low energy and natural gas rates, the City ensures that your operational costs remain low. The Fort boasts access to industrial gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, etc. and there are multiple suppliers within the region. Couple this with a robust capacity, the Fort is ideal for efficiency of operations.

Advanced Manufacturers in Fort Saskatchewan

Some examples of existing Advanced Manufacturers in the Fort include:


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