Food Processing

Fort Saskatchewan provides a great location for the Food Processing sector. The City offers the following advantages:

Transportation Infrastructure

The Fort is well connected with direct access to the heavy haul routes of Highway 15 and Highway 21. The area is also served by CN and CP Class 1 railways, with several transload facilities within a 20-minute radius. In short, your goods can move fast and far with little effort.

Growing Population

For food processors looking to exploit on the growth of nearby markets, the populations of Fort Saskatchewan and the Edmonton region are growing faster than both Alberta and Canada. With long-term demographic growth, food manufacturing and processing is sure to succeed.

Agribusiness Cluster

The Edmonton region has an agribusiness cluster supported by provincial R&D resources, making the area a premier location for food manufacturing and processing due to a wealth of suppliers.

Robust Utilities

Fort Saskatchewan has plenty of water, energy, and natural gas capacity for any type of food processing. The cost of energy and natural gas is also low due to the City's direct access to pipeline feedstock. The utility environment of the Fort will keep costs low while supporting long-term growth.