Gas Processing

Gas Processing finds a natural home in Fort Saskatchewan. Located in the Alberta Industrial Heartland, the Fort contributes to the largest hydrocarbon processing region in Canada. Here are just a few advantages of locating in the Fort:

Access to Feedstock

The City is just miles from Alberta's oilsands and has access to petroleum and petrochemical feedstock. Extensive natural gas and oil transmission and distribution pipelines run through the area. This feedstock is both low cost and abundant.

Access to Talent

The Fort has 6.55% employment in the Mining, Quarrying, Oil and Gas Extraction industry, compared to just 3.56% in the Edmonton region. The City has the exact talent needed for Gas Processing. NAIT has extensive program offerings in Environmental and Natural Resources, Engineering Technologies, and Trades and Apprenticeship. This ensures a workforce pipeline for the future.

Hydrocarbon Processing Cluster

Alberta's Industrial Heartland is home to the largest hydrocarbon processing region in Canada. Over 40 companies have invested over $40 billion into the area in sectors such as oil, gas, petrochemical manufacturing, and advanced manufacturing. Gas Processors will not only find feedstocks, but nearby downstream customers in the value chain as well.

Gas Processing in Fort Saskatchewan

Some examples of existing Gas Processing operations in the Fort include: