Fabrication and Construction

Fort Saskatchewan has a deep cluster of Fabrication and Construction companies driven by the City's fast demographic growth and successful industry base. The following advantages are key elements to our thriving Fabrication and Construction sector:

Demographic Growth

The City's population growth is among the highest in the region at 2.23% annual growth. This growth exceeds the Edmonton CMA, Alberta, and Canada, so the Construction sector can benefit from this growth well into the future.

Comparison of Demographic Growth Rates
 Fort SaskatchewanEdmonton CMAAlbertaCanada
Annual Population Growth (2018-2023) 2.23% 2.09% 1.82% 0.98%

Source: Esri Business Analyst Online 2018

Trade Talent

Over 3,000 apprenticeships are finished each year through NAIT, providing a large pipeline of talent for the Fabrication and Construction sector. Almost 14% of the Fort's labour force is employed in Construction, compared to just 10.0% in the Edmonton region and 9.3% in Alberta. We have the trade talent you need.

Alberta's Industrial Heartland

The Fort is located in Alberta's densest region of industry activity. Alberta's Industrial Heartland is Canada's largest hydrocarbon processing region. Fabrication and Construction companies can find openings to serve this high density of industry as it continues to expand.

Fabrication and Construction in Fort Saskatchewan

Some examples of existing Fabrication and Construction companies in the Fort include: