Petrochemical Manufacturing

Fort Saskatchewan is the ideal location for Petrochemical Manufacturing. Food packaging and construction materials for the area's food processing and construction industries would benefit from plastic component manufacturers. Fertilizer producers could serve the area's agribusiness cluster. Whether it's proximity to suppliers, ample real estate, or a favorable regulatory climate, we are confident your investment will succeed here.

Access to Feedstock

The area is a major hydrocarbon processing centre with feedstock pipelines to bring inputs directly to your petrochemical manufacturing operation.

Abundant Real Estate

The Fort has over 1,200 acres of industrial land available for development. These lands are near robust infrastructure, including Canadian National rail, transload facilities, and heavy-haul routes of Highway 15 and Highway 21. Looking for a specific site? Use our Sites and Buildings database.

Favorable Regulatory Climate

The regulatory climate in Fort Saskatchewan, and Alberta in general, is known to be transparent. Given the existing heavy industry clusters, the regulatory climate has already been structured to help these types of projects succeed.

Petrochemical Manufacturers in Fort Saskatchewan

Some examples of existing Petrochemical Manufacturers operating in the Fort include: